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Update for Sept 25th 2019

So it's been a few months since we got started here at RCH with everything we are doing. The work has been very tough at times, but also extremely rewarding!

I wanted to let everyone know that we are still doing great work but haven't been able to do as much outreach, simply because of time constraints. We have figured out a system, and it's working. In fact, we were able to get a small family off the street at the beginning of the week just by making a few calls. They got a ride, then placed into a suite for 2 weeks while we wait for the county program for paying their security deposit for an apartment!

We also have a pop up event coming up on the 6th. Right now we are trying to secure a location so that we dont have to do it outside. If that falls through, then we are prepared to do it outdoors. We have several stylists who will be cutting hair for free, we will be giving away donated clothes and any other supplies we manage to get together from donations! We are excited to see everyone there! If you have any questions or want to donate, please get in touch!

Spare some time, BE the change.